Plant-Based "Parmesan"


A plant-based alternative to parmesan cheese. It gets it's "cheesiness" from B Vitamin rich nutritional yeast. Use as you would regular parmesan sprinkle on pastas, soups, veggies etc

Nutritional yeast is grown specifically as a food product- it has a  cheesy, nutty and savory flavor. It can come fortified or unfortifed, unfortified means it only contains vitamins and minerals that are produced naturally by the yeast cells. If nutritional yeast has bean fortified it means it has had synthetic vitamins or mineral added to it for increased nutritional value.  Nutritional content varies between brands and serving size, however nutritional yeast is a good source of B vitamins (often fortified with B12, which is why vegans love it), it is a complete sourcse of protein and it has trace minerals such as zinc, selenium, manganese and molybdenum needed for metabolism, immunity and growth. It also contains powerful antioxidant, glutathione and selenomethionine which protect cells from free radical damage and support the detoxification in the body.


1 cup roasted cashew

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1/2 tsp Himalayan or Celtic salt


Combine all ingredient in a food processor until a fine grain consistency. Store in an airtight container at room temp. 

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