Why I don't like "diets"

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I've been thinking about diets and the way people put labels on how they eat. When I say diets I mean eating in a restrictive way (normally to loose weight).

I don’t like “diets”.

These days diets seem to be disguised as “healthy choices” or rebranded as ways of eating like raw vegan or keto.  I’ve had clients tell me “I eat paleo because I want to be healthy”, but calling it something other than a “diet” doesn’t mean you’re doing the best thing for yourself and doesn't promote a healthy relationship with food. 

I don’t cut out food groups- I see a lot of people limiting fruit, removing whole-grains and avoiding any and all forms of processed sugar. Yes, eating less sugar is great but quitting an entire food group is not, especially when it’ll cause feelings of guilt if you fall off the wagon. Restricting food groups like grains, legumes, and dairy is just another form of a diet and it’s not sustainable.

“Eating clean” becomes dirty when it causes feelings of anxiety if you eat the wrong foods.

Diets complicate your relationship with food. Being on a diet isn’t going to make you feel good, happy and body positive.  One of the best things you can do is not put a label on the way that you eat and don’t put rules around it.  Everyone is different and everyone has different needs for some it’s more plant-based and others Mediterranean inspired. My diet changes to suit my needs, it changes with the season and what’s going on in my life. I love real food, seasonal and regional, and predominately packaging free. Sometimes I need really cheap meals, sometimes I need really warming hearty meals, other times I crave bowls of greens or chocolate. The way I eat is not bound or restricted.

The way I eat is predominately whole-foods, I don’t count calories, I don’t cut out food groups and I don’t “eat clean” 100% of the time. I eat things that make me feel good.