Where to Shop Zero-Waste

Shopping zero-waste means eliminating packaging! Here are some of the best places to ditch the plastic and fill up your reusable cloth bag. 

1. Bulk stores — Wholefood stores provide all the food staples, without all the food packaging. Genius!

2. Produce box delivery services — There are so many organic fruit and vegetable boxes on the market. This option may not be the inexpensive but it definitely takes the pain out of food shopping.

3. Food co-operatives — Food co-ops have been around for years now. They help people access local produce using less packaging, for a low cost.

4. Food swaps — Look on community notice boards or online to find a local food swap. They allow you to trade food you have too much of, for something you’d like to try.

5. Farmers markets — Markets are perfect for seasonal and regional fresh produce.