Invest in Reusables to Minimise Waste

Think about it, every time we don't use a paper coffee cup, single use bag or plastic straw we are diverting one from landfill. 

Buy a Keep-cup — Theres no excuse for single use! Most disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled because of their plastic lining so they end up in landfill. So, instead of ordering a takeaway coffee in a takeaway coffee cup, provide your local cafe with your re-useable coffee cup.These days a lot of cafes will even give you a discount.

Use cloth bags — Did you know that currently only 3% of Australia’s plastic bags are being recycled? Large cloth bag can be used for shopping, instead of regular plastic shopping bags.

Beeswax options — Instead of using cling wrap to keep meals fresh, use beeswax wraps.

The lunch box — An age old symbol, the lunch box has been reinvented. A few environmentally friendly companies are now manufacturing BPA free, stainless steel lunch boxes.  A perfect alternative to plastic lunch boxes and takeaway containers.  If you're out and about and want to get food to take away bring your own container! So easy!

Old straws made new — Stainless steal or glass straws are a great alternative to the plastic straw. Ideal for slurping up smoothies in the morning for breakfast.

Water is key — Depending on the climate, human’s need between 2L and 3.5L of water a day to stay properly hydrated. Invest in a glass drink bottle, instead of using single use bottles or plastic bottles.